Thursday, September 22

Machiavellian prayer


Machiavelli really wanted us to repent? - Here’s my attempt at a poem 

Machiavellian Prayer


Oh foolish pride those words endure 

Upheld in centuries of poisoned paths 

No heed is paid to a pilgrim’s plea 

Instead to argue the devil's due, 

An eye for eye, expect no more 

Dust to dust, all hope expires 


Then I heard a spirit’s cry 

Banish such thoughts in your despair 

Grasp a hope of reverence unfurled 

To follow that enlightened path 

A new light, not plain to see 


So onward in the light filled world 

Let it burn bright on your faces 

And cast aside in such disdain 

Those words of princely pride 


For such words, not said in jest 

to see you for who you are 

To repent, to seek a new found path 

Eternal hope rings out again 

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