Wednesday, August 30

Inverness to the Wester Ross area of the Scottish Highlands.

We are currently staying at Archiltibuie which is a long linear crofting hamlet overlooking Badentarbet Bay and the Summer isles. 

Sunday, August 27

Lock Ness

Aberdeen to Inverness 

Currently we are at a B@B at Inverness which is practically on the banks of Lock Ness. Hopefully tomorrow, all being well, whilst enjoying a cruise we will catch a glmpse of the Lock Ness monster.   Notwithstanding should Nessie fail to raise her head we plan to step ashore and explore the ruins of the Urquhart Castle. Pictured is a view of our digs at Aberdeen, Lock Ness, Lindsay willing to save a life, the beach at Aberdeen and Anne standing amongst the heather on  the hill.

Friday, August 25


We are currently staying at St. Andrews which was a pleasant few hours drive from Edinburgh. The location of the hotel affords wonderful views of the coastline from a vantage point once used by the Romans in the Iron Age as a marching ground and fort to watch out for their enemy, the Picti, or painted men as they were known. The traditional features and contours of the land have remained untouched inclusive of the stone walls that make up Kittocks Den which is home to a family of buzzards and deer who are undisrurbed by golfers playing the Kittocks course. The hotel is committed to assisting local conservation groups by protecting biodiversity and native species.

Wednesday, August 23


It's interesting to note the site we visited to day existed before the pyramids. It also predates Stonehenge in England. Thought to date back to 4500 BC it was considered by historians to be a place of enormous importance.  According to Dr David Clarke, former keeper of Archelogy, National Museums of Scotland it was possibly one of the main power centres of Europe. 

Fotunately the site was found to be in remarkably good condition, with stone walls and interior furnishment surviving almost intact, as you can possibly see from the photos.

The individual houses were all linked by passages to form what was thought to be a close knit farming community with evidence of an adjoining workshop. 

Later, I am standing alongside one of the standing stones of the Ring of Brodgar. Originally it was a 60 stone circle of which only 36 remain. 

Tuesday, August 22

Orkney Island


Flew to Kirkwall located on the main Orkney Island.We particapted in a tour of Ness of Brodgar which is an amazing archeological dig site covering 25 hectares. This Neolithic site has unearthed buildings,artwork,pottery,bones and stone tools.

Sunday, August 20


A view from our balcony of the Castle.Plenty of activity with the Grassmarkets providing a variety of stalls and food.


Arrived in Edinburgh today and a side view of the Castle from our balcony.