Friday, October 26

Bloggers Picnic

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I had the pleasure with my wife recently of attending a picnic at nearby Westerfolds Park for local Melbournian bloggers, 2 of whom live nearby.
It was an excellent lunch with shared food and wine. The event and pictures were well recorded on Gina’s bog which you can read by clicking here.

Those present in the photo were Val, Miss Eagle , Gina and myself, all rugged up in the carpark as it was unusually cold and windy.
Despite the inclemency of the days weather meeting up with fellow bloggers always seems to be a most agreeable experience.

Sunday, October 14

Rainbow Lorikeets

Mating pair fly in

Rainbow lorikeets mate together for life
One couple did visit in the first light
Rainbow colours, yellow blue and red
Sample spring flowers was a pair newly wed

Unworried, carefree they chatter in glee
Tasting sweet nectar, as they roam free
Toast buds of spring, waste not a minute
Rejoin a flock, blue skies only limit

Sunsets sinks to end a spring feast
Gathered I see 500 roosting at least
Town tree a favourite to hear joyful din
Silence descends as night does begin

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Friday, October 5

The War on Democracy

I recently watched a film entitled “The War on Democracy” which is Australian Film maker John Pilger’s first venture into a major feature film.
John Pilger is an interesting character who has been an outstanding war correspondent, author and film maker whose long list of awards and accreditations stretches around the globe. He has been International Reporter of the Year and winner of the United Nations Association Peace Prize and Gold Medal; in 2003 he received the Sophie Prize for “30 years of exposing deception and improving human rights”. He is a Frank H T Rhodes Visiting Professor at Cornell University, New York.

You can check out his Website and comments on the film by clicking here.

The Film itself has Latin America at heart, but also takes you on a journey to Chile and Bolivia as with wit and compassion he tells the documented story about ordinary people, the poorest on earth, who refuse to be victims and in defiance demand and win their freedom by achieving democracy. Pilger is meticulous in his documented research and interviews with those effected and responsible at the time. He challenges us “to look in the mirror” at the actions of various governments whose actual involvement is often obscured from view by either censorship or “spin”.