Saturday, April 8

A Streetcar Named Desire - "I can smell the sea air" - Renee Fleming

Famed operatic soprano Renée Fleming, who has in my opinion one of the finest  soprano voices, (apart from late Joan Sutherland) of the modern era, has announced her retirement from opera. She will however continue to  give concert performances. 

A Streetcar Named Desire is an opera composed by Andrew Previn and is based on the play by Tennessee Williams. The Opera was created specifically with Fleming in mind whose exquisite upper register and final pianissimo is evident in the above aria" I can smell the sea air". The aria speaks to the final moment when Blanche is to be removed to an institution. The words are taken directly from the play but Fleming aptly portray her emotional fragility in her performance on stage.  Although Blanche has withdrawn to a inner world of make believe there is also the hint of inner strength and hope for the future to sustain herself encouraged by a memory of the sweet fragrance of the sea air.