Thursday, March 28

The GOD of the Believing Scientist.

If we are to take modern science seriously, the idea of an omniscient and omnipresence GOD that the ancients talked about no longer holds water. Rather, if we are to believe in GOD, the universe could be viewed as something entirely separate to GOD, to respond as analogous to a parent providing encouragement to a child. But of course that doesn't always end well, but can it not all be taken up as in a continuous creation. I don't think the world and the Universe can do anything but to continue to evolve.  This all sounds very clumsy,but how else can one explain it ?  

Cosmological and biological evolution reveal a GOD who made a universe that has within it through evolution a certain dynamism and thus participates in the very creativity of GOD.  
If they respect the results of modern science, religious
believers must move away from the notion of a dictator GOD , a Newtonian GOD, who made the universe as a watch that ticks along regularly? Perhaps GOD  should be seen more as a parent. Scripture is very rich in this thought. It presents, indeed anthropomorphically, a GOD who gets angry, who disciplines, a GOD who nurtures the universe. Theologians already possess the concept of GOD ’s continuous creation. I think to explore modern science with this notion of continuous creation would be a very enriching experience for theologians and
religious believers. GOD is working with the universe. The universe has a certain vitality of its own like a child does. You discipline a child but you try to preserve and enrich the individual character of the child and its own passion for Life. A parent must allow the child to grow into adulthood, to come to make its own choices, to go on its own way in life. In such wisdom does GOD deal with the universe ? These are very weak images, but how else do we talk about GOD. We can only come to know GOD by analogy. The universe as we know it today through Science is one way to derive analogical knowledge of GOD. For those who believe modern science does say something to us about GOD , it provides a challenge , an enriching challenge, to traditional beliefs about GOD. 
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The Greatest Showman - From Now On (Lyric Video) HD

Open Door Choir is learning this song with it's great lyrics and a tune that grows on you in time.The harmonies seem to work well. 
Be patient as it starts out slowly.      

Tuesday, March 19


Whenever I hear our national anthem, I cringe over the words but not the tune. 

Time I think to shake off the shackles of an outdated narrative and usher in far more appropriate words. How about ‘I am Australian’ as above, composed by Bruce Woodley of the Seekers and Dobe Newton of the Bush Wackers.