Sunday, March 26

Yarra River

I took this picture of the Yarra River, close to where I live.
At Eltham we are only 25km from the City, but it's 140km by River.

The River's interesting stories from residents with more pictures can be found at Environment Victoria


Granny said...

Good morning. Just checking in.

Gary said...

Beautiful picture. Thanks for the issues of Tablet - you're very generous. Hope you enjoyed the Commonwealth Games in your neck of the woods (or is that why you're out of town taking pictures of lovely rivers?)

madcapmum said...

That looks like something you could use in a tourism brochure! Lovely. Not what I think of when I'm thinking of Australia.

Ammey Kesarkar said...

I am in Love with Yara River too!
No, it isn’t the ‘South Gate’ that I am talking about. (As most tourists do)
Yara is more than an ordinary river…
I can’t express what I feel, but there is something magical about this river
Yara! Only a few would know :-)

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Granny

Gary -the games were suberb.
Watching the athletes compete helped my golf, as just when I was thinking of giving it up golf, won a few trophies!

Madcap -many parts of Aussie land not what you expect I suspect !!

Ammey -yes it has many stories to tell, stretching back with the aboriginals 60,000 years !!

laura said...

This is a very beautiful picture!

I recently started keeping up with all of my blogs through a syndication feed and just now realized yours is the only one that isn't coming through. It says the file is too large. It's not a problem. I'll just check your blog through the normal channels. But just thought you might want to know that using the RSS feed on your blog doesn't work because apparently it cannot accept the amount of data on your welcome post.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Arulba
I have deleted the Malawi anthem from the welcome.

Lets know if that makes a difference to allow for the feed.

Best wishes

Val said...

Lindsay, further downriver in Bulleen there's another beautiful section, and a great walk, from just north of the Veneto Club to Heide.

The Bulleen Art and Garden Nursery helps promote and maintain the area. I'll follow through with you link suggestion for more info.