Monday, March 13

Refreshing Rain

Overnight heavy rain gave way to light drizzle bringing a welcome relief from the previous days heat.

Our friendly Kookaburra enjoyed a tasty morcel on the ground after first perusing the ground from its perch on a tree just outside our back door.


Granny said...

Every time I see that silly bird, I want to burst into song.

Ammey Kesarkar said...

Cute Kookaburra! nice snap.
I guess it came all the way from the Royal Botanic Gardens specially to visit you.

Wendy A said...

I just posted my Kookaburra pictures. Great minds think alike.

bohemiantroubadour said...

Tasty morcels are delicious after a refreshing rain. Chilean morcels are my favorite.

Long live the Kookaburra!!!

madcapmum said...

That bird has a very magpie look in his eye. Are they collectors of shiny bits and pieces?

Gary said...

Great photos. I spent a couple of weeks in Sydney many years ago - two things stick in my mind... birds and flowers. (Well, maybe some of the young women at the beach too, but I was young and stupid!)

VB said...

the photos look good. Having wildlife around is always good. Around here we have dolphins and penguins. You could come and live around here and take photos of them and put it on your blog. Hehehe How about that next year?? we need babysitters hehehe. No not really, we want to try out the concept of extended family cohabitation.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Granny -laughing is the best medicine

Ammey -locals that can visit

Wendy-yes an Australian icon.

Kookaburra's enjoy morcels of any kind of meat, but best not to feed them !

Madcap. They dont collect shiny things !!

Melbourne has more !!

VB- I promise to consider 1!

DA said...

Nature is beautiful Lindsay. I wonder what the little bird thinks of us.

Lindsay Lobe said...

He's friendly enough and not frigtened, as I was within a few feet to take the photos.