Friday, August 2

An enduring legacy

A life of extreme hardship, might justify a cynic concluding such an outcome will be unbearably miserable. But such a conclusion ignores the ability of the human spirit to transcend suffering and experience joy.

I am reminded of a poignant moment in my daughter’s life which occurred in an exchange with one of the participants in her group involved in plays and productions for intellectually challenged adults. The person concerned, in her mid-thirties, who was to be the star in the next production, was sitting pensively, deep in thought, when my daughter entered the rehearsal room.

The young women had suffered from many complications and disorders from an early age arising from cancer treatments that had ravaged her body but nevertheless was looking forward to the show. Their relationship had blossomed over time and the young actor’s enjoyment in participation was readily apparent.

‘What are thinking about’ my daughter asked?

‘Well’ I was looking back on my life and thinking what I would change if I had the opportunity to live my life all again’ she said.

‘What conclusion did you come to,’ my daughter asked?

‘Well’, she said, ‘you walked into the room and I realized there is not a single thing I would want to change.’

The young girl died before she was able to realize her dream of starring in in the next production, but her lasting legacy is bound to turn the head of even the most grumpy person to marvel at the depths and richness of the human spirit