Monday, August 21

Rachael’s Jazz Band

Rachael (my daughter) has been studying with a group of musicians who have formed a Jazz band called Tardis. Here is her rendition of the old classic “Autumn Leaves” Click here to listen to this lovely recording.

Wednesday, August 16

Mighty Murray River

Our mighty Murray River desperately needs an increase in its water flow, depleted by massive irrigation. As our respective Premiers in NSW, Victoria and SA argue over "Water Rights ' its remains in its parlous position. Above is a picture I took on Monday, with a paddle steamers docked, in Albury while travelling up to sydney in NSW.

Here is my poem.

Torrents of water from far off Mountain streams
Over rocky outcrops to valleys in between
Once flowed our mighty Murray, Nations debt
Irrigated in ignorance, environmental threat

Farewell mighty Murray, flows in doubt
From the high country to trickle at sea mouth
Mouth dry and silted, Oceans regret
Might Murray river, past flows to rescue yet

Saturday, August 12

Book Tagged

One book that changed your life?

I don’t think books have been life changing for me; rather they have influenced my general philosophy. In my earlier life I was influenced by the writings of Albert Schweitzer, and should you be interested in his life and thought click here. I like his idea to show reverence to all life.

More recently Stephen Wolframs lengthy book “A New Kind of Science” was interesting and confirmed to me the idea that immense complexity arises effortlessly from non complex beginnings. Click here to read my review of his book. I am also interested in why societies choose to fail or survive, so I found Jarred Diamonds ‘Collapse’ of interest.

One book you have read more than once?
I have read the Books of Albert Schweitzer many times.

One book that made you laughs?
I like listening too interviews by Michael Parkinson on the BBC.
Michael Parkinson’s book, entitled Michael Parkinson on Golf made me laugh.

One book that made you cry?
The author Paul Calico was one who comes to mind, as child I loved the “the Snow Goose”.

One book you wish you had written?
“Can Of Worms” A book depicting large scale systemic corruption of police, the judiciary and politicians at the highest level of society in Australia and their link to well known criminals.

I am interested in corruption, how it arises and why it continues to flourish. I have been involved in a minor way in the past in “stamping out” corrupt practices.

One book you wish had never been written?
I don’t think books harm people generally.

One book you are currently reading?
I have been too busy lately, barely able to even read newspaper and magazines. I am travelling to Sydney this week and hope to do reading there.

One book you've been meaning to read?
Robert Mann's book “Do Not Disturb” about media failings in Australia and the crisis in our liberal democracy.

Thursday, August 3

Grandchildrens delight

Recently we celebrated Liam’s 1st birthday party, pictured with me directly above. Alice was also a happy girl on the day as you cans see from her photo.

Let’s hope their generation enjoys a more peaceful world, which prompted me to compose a short poem.


Torments of our violent earth
Cries for freedom let peace re- birth
Peaceful form, oh pure delight
To banish violence from all sight

Form of peace itself to know
Form of peace, desires to show
Form of peace, peaceful review
May new life a peace renew

Spirit of peace call forth surrender
To the light filled, peace agenda
Form of peace, peaceful review
May new life a peace renew