Tuesday, March 7

Birds Creation

Birds Creation -Their orign from Dinosaurs who evolved into Birds following global warming as consequance of a meteorite crashing into earth long ago. Here is a poem I composed with that theme in mind.

Meteorite lands on earths fragile life crust
Its fiery explosion is its atomic red dust
Climatic upheaval, new hothouse estate
A Dinosaurs home is no longer this place

Dinosaurs evolve to follow natures new plan
Newly created from hot desert winds sand
The earths renewal is from fiery new heart
The earths survival gives old life a new start

The earths re birth is its creative life state
Dinosaur birds now seek their new mates
Evolved new life with their mighty new wings
Refreshed new creation now sings of new things

The deep oceans currents are still guided by stars
As the birds migration are white dots from afar
The earth is refreshed as they soar through the air
The joys of new freedoms for birds without care


Granny said...

Hi from the upside down people. Hope all is well with you.

Ammey Kesarkar said...

You have an excellent imagination!
Steven Spielberg would have loved to have it as an OST for Jurassic park ;-)

laura said...


Wendy A said...

What a poem. It is so informative and factual yet so lovely to listen to. Thanks

DA said...

Wonderful Lindsay..

I was going to ad something like "and then there was man" but it would be too cynical for your lovely words :-)

Have a nice weekend!

Gary said...

The last verse alone is worth the price of admission! Thanks Lindsay.

DA - you could never be cynical! Just a little dry humour now and then...

bohemiantroubadour said...

Where did this meteorite land?

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi granny
Anmey Hi /Maybe within our imagination !!
Arulba /Wendy Hi /thks
DA : Feel free to add
Gary /I preferred the last verse.
There are numerous crater sites on the earth but cratering mechanics suggest the proposed impact event may first have occurred in the ocean, (more likely as it makes up more than 70% of the earth) excavating the fragile oceanic crust and bringing it to the surface in a flood of material.

Best wishes

VB said...

a very talented poet. There are not many scientific poems around - you are creating a new genre!