Friday, October 10

Time to put everything into perspective

Turn up the sound and enjoy a little Monty Python -
Time to put everything into perpective.


Zee said...

Very charming, thanks for sharing Lindsay!

Seraphine said...

well the problem, lindsay,
is if i put everything
into perspective, then
i will no longer enjoy
the illusion of being
larger than life,
will i?

Anonymous said...

Wait! Are you saying that there might be a light-hearted aspect to modern life despite these trying times?

Love your lighthearted ways, Lindsay!!


Anonymous said...


Gary said...

Thanks Lindsay - a nice piece for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

Best to you. You are a sign of intelligent life down here on earth :)

susan said...

What Gary said. I posted another version of that quite a while ago and it always makes me smile.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee, Sera, Arulba, PT, Gary & Susan

Thanks for your thoughts. I trust it lightened the load and brought a smile.

Sera –imagined illusions can be enjoyable without having to believe in them.

Best wishes