Sunday, October 19

Revelling in Religious Reminiscences

As part of our 50th year parish celebrations we staged a light hearted evening of catholic bingo and refreshments followed by a floor show. After the Bingo and suitably refreshed we all changed into appropriate colorful garb to sing all of the old hymns up to the present day interspersed with some jokes and lively banter.

An overhead power point presentation provided the words for most of the hyms so that the audience could join in.
One segment involved singing in Latin and during this segment I sang Panis Angelicas with my wife. The recording is rough, taken on the night from a digital camera and we both look rather comic in our overweight costumes but it does give you a flavor to the evening. Imagine 5 other singers in the same attire.

I’m afraid we are both getting too old to reliably remember all of it in Latin, so we had our music on hand for just this number.

You might think singing all of the old hymns and few modern extracts from religious musicals might be a tad boring but from all accounts everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Anonymous said...

So that's where Rachel gets it from! You both have lovely voices.

Thanks for posting this!

susan said...

My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed your performance. In spite of the quality of the recording it was easy to tell you're both very talented singers. Congratulations.

Seraphine said...

you have a beautiful baritone voice! it's wonderfult o se eyou and your wife so thoroughly enjoying yourselves.
um... that's you holding the sheet music upside down, isn't it?

Seraphine said...

but ohh! you aren't even sitting next to your wife! shame shame.

Seraphine said...

i listened to you two again tonight. see, you have a return audience!
at the bottom of the youtube player, at the end, were some additional music videos. i listened to the doors singing light my fire- to lindsay lohan!

Seraphine said...

heh. i found your comments in my 'awaiting moderation' file. i think because you made a link, that your posts were flagged. anyway, thank you~! i love your wisdom-y words.