Monday, October 27

More Photos of our 50th year celebrations





More Photos of our 50th year celebration; singers in colourful garb and another once disrobed with musicians and producer, planting a commemorative tree and pictures drawn by the school children in the art competition.
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Seraphine said...

50 years is a very long time, and a flash. better to plant a tree than dig a grave. best wishes to your parish. love the photos.

susan said...

Yes, it is a long time and since I remember quite a lot of it from my own experience, I could also agree with Seraphine that it happened in a flash. Happy Golden to you and the wonderful members of your parish.

Sarah J Clark said...

Trees are good. Love trees. Congratulations to you and your parish.

Seraphine said...

don't you love children's art? critics say 'draw about what you know' and truly children are the purest form of that maxim. their art is very honest.

Ingrid said...

lt will be 50yrs and longer to go..the spirit within all of you shows so much enjoyment and fun in fuddyduddyness that 'young' people associate church with..what a great celebration you all had and that food (other post)..mmm..I'm getting hungry just looking at it.. the social fabric of a church community or any spiritual community is tantamount to its success.. it very well is a testament to all that that your parish has been around for that long and like I said, with more longevity to come..