Thursday, October 30

Parish Musical Fun Night

We recently attended a parish Musical Fun Night which included questions from 14 tracks previously available for those attending. It was a great nights entertaining, complete with a succulent 4 course Slovenian cuisine by courtesy of our gracious hosts, one chef and an extroverted husband who created our night’s entertainment; MC/ Quizmaster/ Music master. Progressive scores were paraded throughout the night with prizes given out mixed with good cheer and boundless hilarity.
At a cost of $32 per person where would one go to have a 4 course meal, whilst having so much fun amongst good company? But from those modest contributions the night still raised over $600 to be spread equally among 3 of our very active parish groups, namely the Social Justice group, St Vincent’s de Paul and the Malawi Support Group.
The tracks from which the questions or suitable lines / imitations requested were taken from :
Octopus garden – The Beatles
When I’m 64-The Beatles
A Backstage Pass – Johnny Cash
The Battle of New Orleans – Johnny Horton
Cotton eyed Joe-The chieftains
Home Among the Gum Trees –John Williamson
The Little White Duck –Burl Ives
The Red Rose Café. The Fureys
What’s up –Beccy Cole
Happy Jack – The Who
Old dogs, Children & Watermelon Wine -Tom T Hall
Sultan of swing –Dire Straits
Penny Lane- The Beatles
Okie from Muskogee - Merle Haggard

Above are some photos of some of the happy folk.
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gfid said...


been doing a bit of catchup. enjoyed your latin performance, the other events on your busy social calendar, and your words of financial wisdom.

susan said...

Those are wonderful pictures and I wish I could have heard your versions of those songs. Why is it that the lyrics to so many songs take up permanent residence in our minds?

Gary said...

You guys in Oz listen to Merle Haggard? May I always be surprised by you Lindsay.

YOu and your friends seem like such fine people. Makes me want to visit.

Seraphine said...

the price for fun and entertainment is quite reasonable unless you're the one stuck doing the dishes afterwards.
i'm glad you had a good time, and that it was for a good cause.
interesting song choices, but you didn't play 'feel the bite' by my life with the thrill kill kult!!!

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Gfid, Susan, Gary & Sera
Thanks for your comments. I am afraid I am rather limited with bands music Sera just as is the case with old time country singers like Merle Haggard since my taste buds are not too widely dispersed.

Trust you do visit one day Gary.

Best wishes

Seraphine said...

the main thing is you had fun. and okie from muskogee is def a fun song.