Friday, October 5

The War on Democracy

I recently watched a film entitled “The War on Democracy” which is Australian Film maker John Pilger’s first venture into a major feature film.
John Pilger is an interesting character who has been an outstanding war correspondent, author and film maker whose long list of awards and accreditations stretches around the globe. He has been International Reporter of the Year and winner of the United Nations Association Peace Prize and Gold Medal; in 2003 he received the Sophie Prize for “30 years of exposing deception and improving human rights”. He is a Frank H T Rhodes Visiting Professor at Cornell University, New York.

You can check out his Website and comments on the film by clicking here.

The Film itself has Latin America at heart, but also takes you on a journey to Chile and Bolivia as with wit and compassion he tells the documented story about ordinary people, the poorest on earth, who refuse to be victims and in defiance demand and win their freedom by achieving democracy. Pilger is meticulous in his documented research and interviews with those effected and responsible at the time. He challenges us “to look in the mirror” at the actions of various governments whose actual involvement is often obscured from view by either censorship or “spin”.


Blank said...

Sounds very interesting.

Granny said...

Hi Lindsay. Thanks for your comment and sorry I haven't been around more lately.

Gary said...

It looks really interesting Lindsay. I've heard of it and will look for it. Hope all's well with you and yours down under. Summer on the way!

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Granny, Scarlet Witch & Gary -Well worth seeing!
Spring is in the air, but unfortunately not the needed rain drops!!
Best wishes

Jo said...

Lindsay, it sounds interesting.

Thanks for finding my blog again. Now I can re-add you to my blogroll. I had to delete my old blog. *sigh*

Lee said...

Thanks for the tip, Lindsay...I will look into this. :)

Unknown said...

I willput this one on my list!