Friday, October 26

Bloggers Picnic

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I had the pleasure with my wife recently of attending a picnic at nearby Westerfolds Park for local Melbournian bloggers, 2 of whom live nearby.
It was an excellent lunch with shared food and wine. The event and pictures were well recorded on Gina’s bog which you can read by clicking here.

Those present in the photo were Val, Miss Eagle , Gina and myself, all rugged up in the carpark as it was unusually cold and windy.
Despite the inclemency of the days weather meeting up with fellow bloggers always seems to be a most agreeable experience.


Granny said...

How nice to have a picnic with blogging friends.

I may see some of my buddies in San Francisco in early November. A friend from Utah and I have been trying to get together for over a year but her plans kept falling through.

Perhaps this will be the time she'll be able to make the trip. I've met all the others.

Rachael Byrnes said...

That's wonderful that you all met up for a picnic, what a great idea!

Val said...

And there you are holding open your handcrafted (ahem!)retirement journal. I'm working on a travel journal here in Hawaii. Hope it's big enough to hold all the swizzle sticks I'll be collecting! No worries about wind and cold here - rather balmy.

Anonymous said...

How fun to actually meet with fellow bloggers!

Gary said...

Nice! NOw for the international Lindsay Lobe's blogger friends meeting...

I've only met Vee so far from my blogging world, but hope to add to the tally this year.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi granny, Rachael, Val, Arulba & Gary
Thankyou for your comments.
Who knows ?, one day we may be able to meet up at a International Bloggers gettogether
Best wishes.