Tuesday, September 25

Ntandire Church/ Hall roof takes shape

In August we all trooped off to see Eltham Little Theatre's Production of "Stepping Out".
“Stepping Out” tells the story of seven women and one man attending a tap dancing class in the local church hall. The hilarious play deals with their lives and efforts to dance. It was a a superbly acted production and in the last act the appreciative audience demanded two encores. We nearly filled the theatre and raised sufficient funds for the roof sheeting for the new church hall in Ntandire.

As you can see the project is proceeding with the roof near completion.

Dyson took these photos when the timber work for the roof was completed prior to the fitting of the iron sheet roofing. He took the photo above of Sat Sacrament Classes (Called Tili Tonse ) for the young ones who are to start receiving Sacrament.

More photos are available on the Malawi site.
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Gary said...

How wonderful! To use the arts and creativity to transform buildings and lives so far away. Good on you and all the others.

Lee said...

The building really is progressing, and that is wonderful. It's great that so much fun is being had raising money for this tremendous gesture. :)

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Gary & Lee
Thanks for your comments.
We enjoyed the Thearte night, probably one of their best performances. The Project is progressing very well indeed, on schedule with the roofing complete except for the veranda at the time of writing.
Best wishes

Rachael Byrnes said...

Sounds like a great play. Feel free to ad me to your invitation list for future ELT plays.

I just posted a new article on my Less is More blog on affordable and cooperative housing in Victoria. GARY - it would be great to get your feedback since you live in a co-op community!

Best wishes

Josie said...

Oh, what great pictures. And what a great project!


Zee said...

My goodness, I wish I was there to help

Scarlet Witch said...

Yes, wonderful!

grannyfiddler said...

i love it when the arts help build communities, instead of having an elitist, highbrow attitude. bravo!

and the bricks on that building are gorgeous, all textural and irregular. gives the whole a kind of earthy dignity that's stunning. we don't see brick much around here, and it's a great loss.