Sunday, October 14

Rainbow Lorikeets

Mating pair fly in

Rainbow lorikeets mate together for life
One couple did visit in the first light
Rainbow colours, yellow blue and red
Sample spring flowers was a pair newly wed

Unworried, carefree they chatter in glee
Tasting sweet nectar, as they roam free
Toast buds of spring, waste not a minute
Rejoin a flock, blue skies only limit

Sunsets sinks to end a spring feast
Gathered I see 500 roosting at least
Town tree a favourite to hear joyful din
Silence descends as night does begin

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Granny said...

They're beautiful. 500 is a lot of lorikeets. Whatever you do, don't walk under those trees.

Madcap said...

500 - what a racket that must be! And I'll bet they're using some pretty colourful language... ;-)

Gary said...

Lovely verse and great link to photos. 500? When can I come for a visit? :)

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Granny, Madcap & Gary
Hi there-Flocks roosting of a thousand or more are not uncommon.
Gary-you can come over and visit any time, stay at the back of our house with your own facilities, and we are located in a very quiet bushy spot yet within walking distance to trains.
Best wishes

Seraphine said...

They used to have Lorikeets (not those beautiful rainbow ones shown in your pic however) at Marine World here in the Bay Area. You are so lucky to have them in your town.

Lee said...

I love the lorikeets. They're such a happy, fun and cheeky bird.

Lovely poem, too, Lindsay. :)

grannyfiddler said...

i didn't realise how very much i enjoyed birds till i moved away from my former yard full of them. there are very few @ my new place. must get a bird feeder up and see if i can change that. the little joey in the cartoon on your link says it all "people need nature more than nature needs people"

your rainbow lorikeets look like they've been colored by very happy children.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Seraphine, Lee & Grannyfiddler
Thanks for your comments. I do think birds resemble happy children and we benefit in having our feathered friends around us as company!
Best wishes