Wednesday, August 16

Mighty Murray River

Our mighty Murray River desperately needs an increase in its water flow, depleted by massive irrigation. As our respective Premiers in NSW, Victoria and SA argue over "Water Rights ' its remains in its parlous position. Above is a picture I took on Monday, with a paddle steamers docked, in Albury while travelling up to sydney in NSW.

Here is my poem.

Torrents of water from far off Mountain streams
Over rocky outcrops to valleys in between
Once flowed our mighty Murray, Nations debt
Irrigated in ignorance, environmental threat

Farewell mighty Murray, flows in doubt
From the high country to trickle at sea mouth
Mouth dry and silted, Oceans regret
Might Murray river, past flows to rescue yet


Val said...

One of my fondest memories is of a 3 day trip on a paddle steamer (the Emmylou) we did in 1983. Just glorious. I hope they sort out the Murray's problems in my lifetime. Get the Mighty back into the Murray.

Elizabeth Green said...

What a lovely picture. I can't think of something more peaceful than taking a river cruise on a paddlewheel steamer. Some day, I will make it to Australia!

Josie said...

That's a gorgeous river. I grew up right on the banks of the Somass River in Port Alberni. I loved it. I learned to swim in a river. I have a special place in my heart for rivers.


Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Val, Liz & Josie, thanks for visiting. I hope one day you visit Australia Liz & Josie and enjoy our hospitality. Val, lets hope the environmental flow is restored. Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture and lovely poem. We have the same problems with the Colorado River. Everyone thought it would flow forever but that may not be the case.

Gary said...

What a fine poem and graceful photo Lindsay.

Water (as you have noted) is the issue of the near-future. We have so much water where I live, but even here, it is squandered and the signs are pointing to wetter winters and summers of drought.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Laura & Gary
Lack of drinking water and its depletion through irrigation is a world wide problem, I fear it’s likely to be fought over, more so than oil!

Best wishes

VB said...

that is a lovely poem. When did you discover you had a talent for poetry?