Thursday, August 3

Grandchildrens delight

Recently we celebrated Liam’s 1st birthday party, pictured with me directly above. Alice was also a happy girl on the day as you cans see from her photo.

Let’s hope their generation enjoys a more peaceful world, which prompted me to compose a short poem.


Torments of our violent earth
Cries for freedom let peace re- birth
Peaceful form, oh pure delight
To banish violence from all sight

Form of peace itself to know
Form of peace, desires to show
Form of peace, peaceful review
May new life a peace renew

Spirit of peace call forth surrender
To the light filled, peace agenda
Form of peace, peaceful review
May new life a peace renew


madcapmum said...

What a loving grandpa and lovely little ones. Yes, a more peaceful world for them.

Granny said...

Lovely poem and finally someone else taking the picture.

You all look so happy.

Ingrid said...

lindsay, what a beautiful picture that first one; proud granddaddy and adoring little liam looking at him.. how cute!
The other little girl (sorry, can't remember her name, mine is wailing right now trying to get out of bed..ehem) is pretty adorable too..I cannot imagine it right now but I expect to be an adoring little granny someday! Lol much for reading this poem, I need to put the kabash on that fake wailing..see what extra perks you have as a grand dad???

DA said...

Great picture and poem Lindsay. Your little girl is very cute. I side with Ann, finally we can see you too :-)

As for the next generation: I am so confident that they will do just fine. They will do great!

Josie said...

What beautiful little children. They're a fresh start in a new world, aren't they?


Wendy A said...

You must be loving grandparenthood. Looks like a lot of fun. Those are adorable kids!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Madcap, Granny Ingrid, DA,Josie and Wendy
They are a lot of fun, and I am cautiously optimistic of the future.

Best washers

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Lindsay! I love everyone's rosie cheeks. I do hope the world is more peaceful for them.

Nerdine said...

aaw - how cute! I can see how proud grandpa is... :)

oh and you've been tagged..

Val said...

Gorgeous photos! You do look a proud grandpa. We all hope that they will be able to enjoy a peaceful world.

Fares said...

Harming Syria, Dream on
Say no to War. Please come and show love, support and solidarity for Syria which is apparently now on the neo-cons radar. YOUR COMMENTS ARE NEEDED.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi laura,Nerdene & Val & Fares

Peace for them and hopefully a rosier world.
Fares –I do hope and pray Syria is nor targeted or drawn into any conflict for its dear citizens and families.

Josie said...

Hi, Lindsay, glad to see you on "my boring little blog" hah.

I just heard the stupidest joke on the Red Green Show. "What do you use your ears for?" Answer: "Seeing." "My glasses sit on them." Groan...


JuBlue said...

Wonderful pictures, Lindsay. That's a big, happy smile you're wearing, and I can't blame you. Beautiful kids!

DellaB said...

absolutely beautiful children, how lucky you are - the hold of a baby is food for the soul.

Lets hope the prayer in your lovely poem does not go unanswered, thank you

Lindsay Lobe said...

hi Josie Jublue & Dellab
thanks for the joke and all of your thoughts. Best wishes

Gary said...

Lovely photos, lovely children and a fine poem. I've been ill today, but I'm ready now to go to bed at peace! (Really)

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi gary ....hope you are feeling better mate
best wishes

VB said...

Yes they are both beautiful little angels :)

Pennys from Heaven said...

Great pictures!! Validation of why life MUST go on.