Saturday, August 12

Book Tagged

One book that changed your life?

I don’t think books have been life changing for me; rather they have influenced my general philosophy. In my earlier life I was influenced by the writings of Albert Schweitzer, and should you be interested in his life and thought click here. I like his idea to show reverence to all life.

More recently Stephen Wolframs lengthy book “A New Kind of Science” was interesting and confirmed to me the idea that immense complexity arises effortlessly from non complex beginnings. Click here to read my review of his book. I am also interested in why societies choose to fail or survive, so I found Jarred Diamonds ‘Collapse’ of interest.

One book you have read more than once?
I have read the Books of Albert Schweitzer many times.

One book that made you laughs?
I like listening too interviews by Michael Parkinson on the BBC.
Michael Parkinson’s book, entitled Michael Parkinson on Golf made me laugh.

One book that made you cry?
The author Paul Calico was one who comes to mind, as child I loved the “the Snow Goose”.

One book you wish you had written?
“Can Of Worms” A book depicting large scale systemic corruption of police, the judiciary and politicians at the highest level of society in Australia and their link to well known criminals.

I am interested in corruption, how it arises and why it continues to flourish. I have been involved in a minor way in the past in “stamping out” corrupt practices.

One book you wish had never been written?
I don’t think books harm people generally.

One book you are currently reading?
I have been too busy lately, barely able to even read newspaper and magazines. I am travelling to Sydney this week and hope to do reading there.

One book you've been meaning to read?
Robert Mann's book “Do Not Disturb” about media failings in Australia and the crisis in our liberal democracy.


Josie said...

Hi, Lindsay, thanks for your kind comments on my funny little blog. I'm feeling a bit raw right now.

How does tagging work?

Also, my favourite author is Somerset Maugham. His books influenced my life greatly. I love his "take" on human nature.


Granny said...

Good list. I was tagged ago but I put the list on the other blog since that was where I was tagged.

If Lindsay hasn't told you Josie, tagging just means doing the same "meme" on your blog. Or in the tagger's comment box. Or both.

It's not mandatory by the way. The meme police will not come and get you. I enjoy them but I've passed on a few for lack of time.

Granny said...

should have been "a while ago". Yikes.

JuBlue said...

Very interesting!

Ingrid said...

Ann, don't really understand the 'meme'oh wait, you mean the english pronounciation of the french meme without the thingy on the top of the first E? lol..that's funny.
Interesting books Lindsay, if only I had time if only. I've become a veritable blog junkie and look through so many besides researching for my own posts..phoo!
Paul Galico (sp?)isn't he the same who did 'Jennie'? A book about a boy who turned into a cat and travels through london with this streetcat called Jennie? I lend it to someone never to see it again and now, can't find it either..
I have read many many books though, still, there are plenty of books waiting for me to read them..

Val said...


I've done the book meme, a couple of days ago, but forgot to tell you!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Josie,Granny,JuBlu, Ingrid & Val
Thanks for visting./ will catch up soon
Best wishes

VB said...

that was very interesting. I should read about albert sweitzer (sp?) I think