Wednesday, November 16

Malawi update

The Malawi Support group recently sent off funds for immediate food relief in Malawi. Father Patrick at the time of writing is buying in maize and beans in preparation of food distribution. He advised us Lilongwe itself, as well as the the central and northern regions are beginning to feel the effects of the hunger from the shortage of maize. The southern part of Malawi has been affected for some time.

Any of the funds we send go into a fund for people in need and he has advised that he will do his best to reach those most in need. Since returning from Ireland he has been helping a local sister with funds to feed children in the under 5 clinic she is running in the southern region.

We have sent our Christmas cards to Fr Patrick with our messages of goodwill to provide encouragement and support for the challenges ahead.
If you want to hear more about the support group and their latest activities click here.

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