Thursday, November 24

Corporate Morality

Since my first posting on ethics, and subsequent postings on triple bottom line reporting it's amazing the amount of new material I am reading on corporate morality and sustainability. It's encouraging to see such a change in mindset that's fast becoming a matter of corporate necessity.

Its also interesting to note in Australia, our best performing companies are also the ones that give the most prominence to sustainability and ethics, and have very strong ties to community projects.

The debate now is all about how to best incorporate this new found morality into the corporate society as whole. Should it be by way of descriptive principles or in detailed prescriptive measures, or is the tide of general opinion strong enough to see these changes occur independently of any legisative efforts.

There is no shortage of detailed submission being put forwards and one of the best I have seen is from The Charted Secretaries Australia, which has a submission on corporate responsibility before the Federal Government's Joint parliamentary committee considering this aspect.

Click here to read the submission.


Gary said...

Cool! One of the focus in Amnesty these days is Business & Human Rights. Here's a link to some of the Canadian work on this.

DA said...

That's so true Lindsay, Peter Weil's( a Mit Sloan's professor) research showed that companies with good corporate governance generate 25% more profit than companies with lousy governance..