Wednesday, November 2

Christchurch continued

To day we visited the Botanical Gardens, the Art Gallery; re visited the Museum and finally saw the New Zealand Kiwi, which is a flightless bird and icon to New Zealand.

The Botanical Gardens are 75 acres of picturess flowers, trees and Cambridge Punts (gondoliers) who take visitors along the smallish Avon River alongside the gardens.

The new art gallery houses 5,500 individual displays and is one of the largest collections of NZ art in the country. Completed in 2003, it's modernistic in design. Click here to view.

The Kiwi bird is an icon to NZ, appearing on its coins, regimental badges and internationally as Kiwi shoe polish. The Kiwi is a flightless bird that forages in the forest and its numbers have been decimated by introduced species that eat its eggs and by loss of its habitat. A breeding program is underway. If your interested in finding out more about the Kiwi Click Here.

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