Tuesday, August 16

Marvellous Melbourne

Over the weekend we stayed in the heart of Melbourne at Southbank, experiencing  a  rare burst  of sun shine and warmth. Some of the pictures were taken from the apartment where we stayed.  

On Monday we joined retirees members from my previous employer ( I am the Victorian co coordinator ) to enjoy the Morning Melodies concert at the Arts Centre at Southbank which featured International soprano sensation Mirusia who thrilled the audience with her beautiful yet powerful presentation, augmented by her outstanding classical ensemble. It only cost members $17 and was wonderful value as Mirusia made her Hamer Hall debut with a well-rounded variety of popular and classical numbers including such favourites as Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’, and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Memory’ (from Cats).   
Afterwards we luncheoned  at PJ O’Brien’s Irish Pub- see the picture of their Irish  pie with drink for only $20 which I was able to cover  from my very modest subsidy.   

It is always good to catch up with the latest news. Many members have been holidaying in the warmer regions of the far North and the Gold Coast as Melbourne’s experienced its wettest months in July for over 30 years. In July we enjoyed a stay in Byron Bay where the sea water was warm enough for many hearty souls to enjoy a surf. Others moved further afoot to Honolulu where the weather was super, 28 every day. But the highlight was to hear to learn one member was expectantly awarded a local Community Award for 2016 – having served a staggering 46 years as either Committee Member or President of the local tennis and bowling clubs.  Additionally to the awards he was given $250 for the charity of his choice which he gave to the St Vincent DePaul Soup Van.

The retirees group is made up of many to whom 30 years plus prior service is not uncommon but such longevity sadly belongs to a past era not likely to be repeated.    


susan said...

Your photographs are wonderful, Lindsay, and I'm glad to hear to enjoyed such a good time. It's often strange to consider that your coldest months coincide withour warmest. A Christmas heatwave would be odd indeed for me.

All the best.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan
It was indeed a short yet highly enjoyable stay. Where we stayed was so convenient as everything was within just a short stroll. Just after we retuned home we were hit with a cold snap - temps falling almost 14 degrees Celsius.
Best wishes

♥ N o v a said...

The photos are great, and the Irish pie looks very good.

I think the trip itself was the actual highlight. After having served 46 years, a few awards and $250 towards a charity seems quite underwhelming. I would have expected at least some fireworks and paper streamers. :-)