Friday, August 5

Less than a great result

If you list a public company the expectation is you will provide a satisfactory return  for your shareholders who are after all the owners of that business. In effect, a public entity and its CEO along with the executives act as stewards to stakeholders to invest wisely on their behalf. Success and ethical conduct go hand in hand to enhance an entities reputation and create the positive flow on effect of brand recognition for the company to flourish over the longer term.  By providing superior customer service. and acting in a responsible manner returns are likely to be boosted and not deteriorate.

Of course failure frequently do occur when a listed company manages to loose most of its value. In such event usually the reputation of the directors suffers a blow - particularly where business conditions are not  sufficiently challenging  to generate above average failure rates.  What one often sees is a CEO continuing to be rewarded notwithstanding  incurring heavy losses sustained by shareholders.  Once such group 's track record doesn't  augur go well for one Donald Trump.
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Recently the ABC's Q &A program gave their take on the us election. The lively discussion by the panellists from different perspectives included the likes of political satirist PJ O'Rourke and previous foreign minster Bob Car. Either way it seems not a great result is expected but even stanch republican O'Rourke is reluctantly now going to vote for Hilary.    
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susan said...

Hi Lindsay,
While I too would wish for the best possible outcome I'm afraid this American presidential election season is the worst I've ever witnessed on both sides. If you have time for some reading you might find this recent interview with the economist, Michael Hudson, interesting. I can't help but agree with him.
Best wishes
in these interesting times

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan
yes - in a nutshell he sums it all up much better than I could. I hope Hilary wins because at least to some degree we know how she will operate notwithstanding the ineffectiveness of some of her policies or lack thereof. Hence some predictability given her experience and the rational support around her once in office. But I shudder to think sometimes who is writing her speeches .........
With Trump no one knows where his emotions might lead him and his business record is the only one (since he has no public service record) we have to judge him which speaks volumes to us.
Best wishes