Friday, March 7

Canorion Cymreig Victoria Welsh Choir

After prompting from a Welsh member of our parish I finally attended rehearsals with this choir and recently successfully auditioned to join as a Second Tenor. The choir was formed in 1980 by 7 expatriate Welshmen, and performs at least 25% of its repertoire in the Welsh language. It is quite a large male choir with 80 members made up of Bass’s, Baritones, Second Tenors and Tenors with a good sprinkling of those originally from Wales. Choir recitals are challenging since the choir sings without the aid of written music and consequently it takes a long time to learn the harmony sufficiently well from the music and to memorize all the words, before you’re competent to participate in concerts.

Nevertheless I intend to persevere with this rather full commitment (2 nights a week rehearsals and extensive touring to give concerts) and see what transpires. To date I have found the choir to be a grand group of very committed people with extensive talent covering a large repertoire of traditional choral, contemporary and operatic music.

I attended their recent St David’ s Day Concert at Monash University which was very good and featured a number of well known artists including their guest Welsh conductor who is in great demand overseas.

Apart from the choir the concert also featured a prominant harpist and a Welsh folk group called Pendragon Dreaming (Pendragon was the name given to King Arthur of the ancient Britons) with a didgeridoo, harp, guitar, flute, bass guitar and vocals. The Concert began with Welsh dancers demonstrating their traditional dances including jigs, reels, and hornpipes.

Click here if you would like to read about the recent St David’s Day Concert, or about the choir.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I look forward to hearing more about your choral adventures!

Dr.John said...

Sounds like a good way to spend a couple nights a week.

susan said...

Excellent way to spend some time and I'm sure you'll be enjoying most of it.. except for the driving perhaps.

Cart said...

Good on you cobber. Sounds like a lot of pleasure.

Seraphine said...

That is awesome. I am very happy for you. When you make a commitment like that, it's the beginning of a journey. Best wishes on your journey, with the hope it brings wonderful definition to your life. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Lindsay.
I would hope that you would find this experience fulfilling.
Well done.

Zee said...

This sound like good news to me. Congratulations on your decision and acceptance. Music makes the heart live longer.
All the best, Zee.

Seraphine said...

and heart makes the music live. don't forget that.

Gary said...

That's terrific Lindsay! You're my hero - you do so many thoughtful and interesting things and you're not afraid to try the new.

Bet your daughter's proud of you joining the choir. Maybe she'll let you do backup vocals on her next recording. :)

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Arulba, Dr John, Susan, Cart,Seraphine, PT, Zee & Gary ~Many thanks for all of your encouragement.

There is wide variety of tunes, including some hymns, all to be sung in tune and from the heart!

Who knows where it will lead Gary-but I will confine my vocals, (possibly like your Trombone)to encouragement from the sideline for my daughter.

Best wishes