Wednesday, February 20

Ntandire Church/ hall inside

You may recall we held our final fundraiser and Christmas break-up party last year for the Malawi Support Group which is a small volunteer group within our local parish. At that time we sang Carols and were entertained and danced to the wonderful music of the "The Degenerates" who donated their services for the evening.

The funds raised was to be used to complete the flooring. walls and chairs for the new church and hall building in Ntdandire, Malawi. The above pictures indicate some excellant progress to date as a consequence of our last remittance. Funds assisted work undertaken to install flooring and plastering. We were overjoyed to hear the community were very happy in their new church. Work remaining is to paint the walls, install windows, seating and outside tiolets.

Dyson informs us the rainy season for Malawi has brought good falls this year and the crops are doing fine but in some cases the rains have washed away fertilizers and no yield is expected.
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susan said...

It looks as though the work is coming along very nicely on the new church and hall in Malawi. Just goes to show that small, positively directed efforts can achieve good results.

vanessa said...

It looks like it will be wonderful for the community. Well done on all your good work, making this a reality

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Susan & Vanessa
Thanks for your comments.
The availability of local labour and materials, coupled with a very strong Aussie dollar to purchase US dollars has made an enormous difference.

Gary said...

It must be satisfying to work towards something so tangible Lindsay. You even get photo updates.

Good on all of you!

grannyfiddler said...

very festive! i love the painted supports and bright pennants. it looks like a wonderful place for community celebrations and gatherings.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Gary & Granny F
The coninued photos and correspondence has always been encouraging.
It most certainly will be a wonderful place for community celebrations and gatherings.