Monday, March 24

Tenebrae at Eltham

We gathered to meditate on the most sacred day of the year. The focus of our ceremony was the seven sayings of Christ uttered when he was dying on the cross. Through a series of psalms, reflections and sacred music, we were led to the foot of the Cross.

later in the darkened church the lighted candles represented our world about to be plunged into darkness.

The lights were gradually extinguished throughout the ceremony until only one flame remained, symbolising Christ. When the last light disappeared a loud noise (strepitus) was made to remind us of the earthquake on that fateful day on Calvary.
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Seraphine said...

That sounds like a moving ceremony. It brings not only the mind and heart to Easter, but also senses and emotions.

susan said...

Absolutely beautiful imagery you've given us, Lindsay.. the true heart of spirituality is Mystery.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Seraphine & Susan
Thanks for your insightful reflections.