Saturday, December 2

Perth to Freemantle

Posted by Picasa Recently I travelled on business to Adelaide and then to Perth. During my stay in Perth I took the boat trip to Fremantle.

The first photo shows the Perth city skyline journeying along the Swan River on the way to Fremantle.

Fremantle was once the western gateway to Australia, as millions of migrants arrived by ship prior to modern day jet aircraft. It remains a popular tourist destination, at the mouth of the Swan River and renowned for its feeling of tranquillity with streets graced by old worldly historic buildings which I have attempted to capture in the photographs.

In 1987 it leapt to prominence as a port City when it hosted the Australian defence of the America's Cup. Perth's isolation can be ascertained by the length of the return flight to Melbourne, it takes nearly 3hours continuos flying in a Boeing Jumbo 747. It is the most isolated City of any country on earth.

Little wonder then its residents have been known to sarcastically refer to certain visitors as “ The Wise Men from the East”.


Madcap said...

That's a very attractive bit of shop front in the final picture. Too bad there's not more insistence on pleasant architecture in our cities.

Val said...

Had no idea Fremantle was so picturesque. Must get to visit there one day.

annadams95340 said...

I'll have to get out my map once again. I know Perth by name but not where it is.

Shame on me.

annadams95340 said...

Wow!! Isolated is right.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Madcap, Val & Granny~ a great place to visit, tranquil with a beautiful sea breeze called the Fremantle Doctor which means at high temperatures you feel relatively comfortable. Usually there is low humidity. A delightful and peaceful destination with an air of prosperity without being pretentious.

Best wishes

Josie said...

Omigosh it looks lovely. I would love to visit Australia sometime. And lucky you, it's summer there right now. We're just digging out of a foot of snow and ice.

My computer doesn't "like" Beta for some reason, so I have difficulty posting on Beta sites, so I haven't come to visit so often. I did manage to post today, though.


bohemiantroubadour said...

Go west young man!!!

JBlue said...

Love the pictures. Years ago, I had a pen pal from Perth, and we kept in touch for a very long time. She would send lovely pictures of Perth such as Perth at night (lit up beautifully). I always think of her when I hear of Perth.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Josie
Come on over and see!! For Melbourne sights we would be delighted show you around!!
BT ~Many are doing just that~ chasing big salaries!!
It very enchanting

Lee said...

I spent a week in Perth at the time of the America's Cup in January 1987. I had a great time. Fremantle had been 'done-up' for the Cup and was sparkling. I had an invitation to go out in one of the big new cats to view the contenders but as I drove to Fremantle from Perth and saw the sails way out on the horizon, I figured it was better to sit comfortably in the Ansett Gold bar and sip on a scotch or two and watch the races on the big screen! This is what I did and didn't get sea-sick at all!

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Lee
I tend to be a candidate for sea sickness, and also remember watching the race on TV at that time at work -have you been back to Fremantle since ?
Best wishes

Gary said...

It looks very charming Lindsay... and warm compared to here today!

DellaB said...

Hi Lindsay,

I had an opportunity to visit Perth, just after they opened the Casino, husband had work to do there (at the Casino), but we did get to play 'tourist' and one of the places we went to was Fremantle. We were totally impressed with what they have done with it, the restorations of old buidling and wharfs, and the new bits they put in for the America's Cup.

The sad thing was that all these beautiful attractions were empty - we wondered then how it would survive, they'd obviously spent a lot of money, probably thinking they would host the cup for more than just the one year.

Interesting too that Perth (and Western Australia) are much closer to South Africa and Indonesia than they are to the rest of Australia. I believe there is a lot of migration from these 2 countries.

I loved both cities, I was there once before, a long time ago.

Lee said...

No, I haven't been back to WA since then, Lindsay...I wish I had had longer there...I'd love to visit the wine areas, of course...but I'd love to go up along the coast up to the Pilbara, Broome, Kimberleys et al. Perhaps one day!

WA is booming even more so these days from all reports. It certainly is an active and rich State.

grannyfiddler said...

i've never been away from the north canadian prairies for more than a week at a time. your pictures of Perth are enough to break the heart of a girl who's flailing daily through 3 feet of snow.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Lee & GrannyFiddler
Lee -One day for you I am sure -the wine areas are delightful, and I would also like to journey to the Pilbara etc

Granny Fiddlder -can we entice you accross the big pond one day.

in Melbourne we would-be delighted to show you around!! Just few weeks

Best wishes

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