Sunday, December 10

Victorias Fiery Summer

Melbourne awakens to an eerie new day
Fiery red Sun through smoky grey haze
Feels like evening as sun seeks its rest
Dust of a landscape signals rain its request

Bush fires in our country unlike any other
Fed by a drought of an endless dry summer
Dry fuel and air as soil has no moisture
Fight fires in vain best just to contain her

Melancholy thoughts of dim days of our past
Black Friday and Ash Wednesday I pray be our last
Volunteer fire fighters can’t see through the smoke
Brave and determined they’re just ordinary blokes

Smoky conditions will drag on with the drought
Summer continues as towns wait in a fright
The rains we seek quench my country I cry
Rains in dreamtime as smoke blots out the sky


laura said...

That is so scary. We've had some raging fires in Texas this time last year and over the summer, too. It's been crazy. It looks like you all get hit sort of regularly like California does, though. Hope it gets better soon.

Lee said...

Fine tribute to all those folk in danger from the fires and those who put their lives on the line fighting them, Lindsay.

Let's hope rain comes soon to douse the flames. The coverage I'm seeing on television is chilling. Such a huge area is under fire.

Wendy A said...

What a fire it has been. I am hoping for some rain for Victroia. Tassie had a few smolders but we enjoyed a few good downpours this morning just before the wind picked up. Lucky us.

abhay k said...

Dear Lindsay,
a beautiful poem!
carries a lot of meaning and depth as all your writings!

grannyfiddler said...

wishing for rain for you. it almost feels like another planet here - such extreme differences of climate.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Laura, lee, Wendy, Abhayk & Granny fiddler

Thanks for your thoughts.

The Fires are with us for longer time this year than ever before, unless we get drenching rains which seem unlikely. It varies in different states in Australia but there are 30/40 communities anxiously waiting in Victoria alone with over 3,000 Fire-fighters actively engaged, including a contingent flown in from NZ. And we have nearly 3 months of summer conditions ahead. The sap fuel from the burning eucalypt explode with a fierce intensity in a big bush fire, including fireballs giving off much more radiant heat and energy compared to fires from say pine trees, more common elsewhere in the globe.

The roar of a big bush fire is quite terrifying fanned by a roaring northerly wind.

jublue2 said...

I had to get a clone beta account just so I can comment here and at Madcap's. Anyway, I love the imagery in your poem, sad though it is.

Granny said...

I've been hearing about the fires and thinking about you.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Granny & Ju Blue2
Thanks for visiting. Worrying times indeed!!

Best wishes

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