Monday, November 20

Life’s Mystique

I recall days of sweaty hands
Struggles meeting business plans
Awaken to my daily fears
Ask for help from far off spheres

Journeys now on familiar soil
Needs no longer an ancient foil
Sap of life flows to life’s new leaf
Reverence for life, my own belief

Hills like mountains catch my breath
Winds of change seek nature’s wealth
Random thoughts are life’s myst’ry
Will we learn from earth’s history


DA said...

Thx, I needed that. 35 more years of sweaty hands for me to go..

Anonymous said...

Both beautiful and hopeful. Thanks!

grannyfiddler said...

exquisite word-song (work-song?) have just read 'Heat; how to keep the planet from burning' can't bring the author's name to mind. i't's settled my feet a bit deeper in the earth. so easy to get caught up in the mainstream mindlessness. your lyrical philosophy is equally grounding. blessings.

JBlue said...

Lovely. Much to think about.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi DA,laura,GrannyFiddler & Ju blu
Thanks for your thoughts
best wishes

DellaB said...

sounds like bliss!


JBlue said...

OT: I have to do a project with a group, and our topic is Christmas Around the World. We picked Australia. I'll have to come up with an Australian Christmas craft....

Gary said...

Lovely poem Lindsay. Do I detect a scent of retirment-pondering in there somewhere?

Granny said...

Lindsay, that's lovely.

Bloglines just told me you have 25 posts.

It's been slightly strange lately.

Zee said...

Very nice Lindsay, it was a treasure to read this poem after a long day.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Dellab JBlue Gary Granny & Zee

Thanks for your thoughts,
Ju BluE~we don’t have an Australian craft, maybe Christmas cards with picture of our natives depicting Koalas, Kangaroos, Ringtail Possums all dressed with Christmas hats decorated with tinsel. Gary -I am retiring July next year, until then I encourage others but remind them in their decisions I shall not be around to share in the results longer term.

Best wishes

Arti Honrao said...

Lovely words!
I hope we learn from earth's history, there is so much to learn!


lindsaylobe said...

Hi Arti
thanks for visiting and your thoufgts !

abhay k said...

A wise poem Lindsay!
Only you can write such words of wisdom that is for us to pay heed to!
enjoyed reading it...

lindsaylobe said...

Hi abhayK thanks for your kind words.

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