Friday, November 17

China’s Sustainable Urban development

China has been an engine room to the world’s economy with annualised growth rates exceeding 10 % over the past decade. Despite this growth nearly 50% of its population remain as peasant farmers on very small incomes. But that aspect is changing rapidly as agriculture becomes more productive and is accompanied by a huge migration of workers to the cities. As china has a population of 1.3 billion we are indeed fortunate she does not consume in the same unsustainable manner as the westernised advanced economies, for if that was the case we would need another 3 universes to meet her requirements. Hopefully China will not follow this disastrous route. Even so the accelerated effect can be gauged by the daily increase in motor vehicles with 55,000 new licences issued every day!!

China currently has engaged a number of world experts on urban planning to assist with a project to construct 300 new sustainable cities. Each to house over 1 million citizens, ensuring all are self sufficient and sustainable, with no need for cars.

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Madcap said...

A Swedish theme! Interesting!

Ingrid said...

Wow, that's great news. I guess the necessity made this possible. It definitely has nothing to do with political will I'm sure,

lindsaylobe said...

Hi madcap & Ingrid
Thanks For visiting, yes its progress!

As a matter of interest China intends closing down all surrounding production around Beijing up to 3 months prior to the Olympics, thereby presenting a picture of a pristine environment to world coverage.
Best wishes

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