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Life Coaching

Coaching to day is a thriving business and it takes on many forms. In many team sports to day there is a specialised coach for each position on the field.

In business coaches are often seen as facilitators enabling their clients to reach their own goals, often with an improved balance between work and leisure. Mentoring has also become popular and is usually undertaken by older more experienced workers assisting those whose careers have just begun.

From an evolutionary viewpoint our success has depended for the bulk of our past life development upon small co operatives of hunter gatherers prior to the dawn of agriculture. I think this past experience remains with us to day, as we communicate much better in small groups and can easily become mistrustful of both other areas and in the wider organisation.
Changing business culture is therefore much more difficult that it would at first seem, as it requires acceptance across all of the formal and informal team boundaries that make up an organisation.

Charles Kovess in his 7th Passion Pont for 2005 talks about
and is reproduced below:

Dear Lindsay

A Passion Point to Ponder 1 August 2005.
Welcome to the 7th Passion Point for 2005. Our goal this year with these Passion Points is to provoke you so that your business, and the rest of your life, becomes filled with more passion, performance, and improved balance of mental, physical, and spiritual elements.
THE CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES OF BUILDING A GREAT TEAM: LEARN FROM 'COACH CARTER'!" Coach Carter' is a great movie! And it's based on a true story. For the past 12 years, we have been conducting team building programs with some of Australia's largest, and smallest organisations, as well as a number of multinationals in various places around the world.Building great teams is challenging, and that's why great teams earn corresponding rewards. 'Coach Carter' shares the journey in a wonderfully inspiring way. Here are some key insights from the movie for you: 1. What was Coach Carter's strategy to build a great team from a bunch of traditionally poor performers?.
a.Lay down clear rules.
b.Enter into agreements with all team membersc.
c.Set high standardsd.
d.Impose sanctions consistently for failure to comply.
e.Respect to be shown by all team members to each other.
f.Language to be consistent with respect
g.Be flexible in how to achieve goals.
h.Generate intense desire for success.

2.What stages of development did the team pass through, in its journey to greatness?. Cynicism, Resistancec, Acceptance, Early euphoriae, Challenge to the rules, Threat of disaster.
Point of choice: success or continue the tradition of failure. Choose to grow, Triumph.

3.What were the challenges that Coach Carter had to face in driving the team to greatness?
a.Team revolt initially
b.Family support was doubtful
c.Resistance by peers (school teachers)
d.Resistance by parents of team members
e.Commitment to observe his own principles.
f.Rejection and ostracisationg.
h.Walkouts by team members
i.Traditional behaviours.
j. Breaking the status quo.
k.Challenging team members to shift their low self-esteem.
m.Need to be compassionate and bend the rules
n.Maintaining an inspired vision of success.

4. What did the team members gain on the journey?
a.Understand the power to choose the type of life to lead
b.The meaning of responsibility
c.The value of disciplined.
d.The benefit of supporting each other
e.The rewards for hard work.

Leaders of all teams in all organisations would gain from watching the movie. If you are passionate about building a great team, we're happy to discuss strategies with you.
If you want to see Charles on video, or listen to audio, just go to and follow the links.For a list of keynote speech topics that Charles would love to deliver in a passionate, entertaining, provocative, and educational way to your teams, clients, or prospects, at breakfast, lunch or dinner, see below.All 133 published Passion Points to Ponder are on our website. If you wish to review them, please visit the site. If you wish to receive a list of the 133 titles of the Passion Points please let us know.KEY NOTE SPEECH TOPICS1 PASSIONATE PERFORMANCE: YOUR KEYS TO MENTAL, PHYSICAL & SPIRITUAL WELLBEING IN BUSINESS. 2 THE POWER OF VISIONARY LEADERSHIP3 THE 7 KEY STEPS TO CREATE OUTSTANDING TEAMS.4 HOW TO RETAIN THE BEST PEOPLE IN YOUR ORGANISATION.5 PASSION: THE KEY TO YOUR SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE IN THE 21ST CENTURY.6 HIGH PERFORMANCE BUSINESS LEADERSHIP IN THE KNOWLEDGE AGE.7 CHANGE: MAKE IT AN INSPIRATIONAL GAME!8 A PASSION FOR LIFE, AND LIVING IT!9 KEY PRINCIPLES OF PERSONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY.10 7 STRATEGIES THAT GUARANTEE LOYALTY FROM EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS. Best regards from Australia's Passion Provocateur (copyright)Charles Kovess LL.B.(Hons), LL.M., CSP*Immediate Past National PresidentNational Speakers' Association of Australia(*CSP means Certified Speaking Professional, the highest membership category of NSAA and the only internationally recognised designation for professional speakers. There are only 464 CSP's in the world, of whom only 52 are in Australasia.) 03 9563 6399 mobile 0412 317 404 PO Box 1412, Central Park East Malvern Vic 3145 Office: 13 Albert St, East Malvern Vic 3145 Author of 'Passionate People Produce' and 'Passionate Performance' Co-author of '7 Heavenly Virtues of Leadership'

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