Saturday, August 20

Conscious time for random thoughts

I posted an article in the context of the macro view of the universe where time and space can be considered the same thing. See Space Time

What is of more interest is the concept of time and space as it applies to our consciousness. The Philosopher Kant's theory was the mind by an intuitive process brought together the forms of time and space to give us our consciousness which seems to parallel modern day quantum mechanics.
Roger Penrose is keen on the idea our mind thought process begins by way of a number of superimposed quantum states which ultimately collapse through gravity to produce our conscious thoughts.Hence our thought process mirrows a mixture of qauntum and classical physics similar to the structures of our evolving universe.

If Penrose is right than our brains at the begining of the thought process operate in a quantum state and not as we perceive it, that is the end result of our thoughts are conceptualised in time expressed in a linear progression. What’s the time now ?, as we all think in the same way but it seems likely our brains evolved to adjust our thinking to ensure our conceptualisation makes sense of a veiled reality or imagined world.
If that be the case we are in for a rich pathway going forward in understanding and further development of our state of “consciousness”. Ultimately however I think we are trapped within this complex system, for ever to stay outside of its ultimate reality, as we go on solving new mysteries and uncovering more interesting aspects of our wondrous evolving world.

There seems no question then there will be an increasing possibility of an expanded consciousness, that is, providing we don’t blow ourselves up or destroy our earthy inhabitant. It’s also interesting to reflect“consciousness” was part of many of our ancient civilisations culture causing them to have different ideas about time. The Mayans had 2 calendars, one that might be described as sacred and another more of secular nature. The secular calendar which was also known as the “Long Count” totalled over 5000 solar years and ends in 2012, which I understand (please correct me if this not be the case) some present day descendants believe is the end of a time and hence forms their prophesy for a new birth of consciousness.

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