Sunday, March 19

9 - Strange Music: Song of Norway Full Quality Recording

The song "Strange Music" is from the "Song of Norway" which captures the beauty of the music composed by Edward Grieg.  It was common place for many operetta's of that era to be based on the musical compositions of prior famous composers. 

The operetta is the story about Grieg and his love for his childhood sweetheart, Nina, but the scheming opera diva Louisa Giovanni is besotted by Grieg and is determined to keep him away from Nina. So she insists on him accompanying her as her pianist on world tours. But only through the love of his friends does he come to realize that Norway is where he will find true happiness. Grieg's role in this recording is sung by British operatic baritone Donald Maxwell. Maxwell has performed with all of the leading opera companies and additionally he has given many outstanding concert recitals and has been widely broadcast on radio and TV. If you don't like this recording you don't like icecream.        


susan said...

Apologies for not having responded to this lovely piece of music earlier, Lindsay. I'd listended to it previously (and read the story) but must have been called away.

My own favourite composition by Grieg is the beautiful Peer Gynt.

All best wishes

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan
I only just reposted some additional info in edit mode and accidentally deleted the post with your comment before reposting. Glad you liked the piece and agree the Peer Gynt Suites are also wonderfully compositions.
Best wishes

Mercutio said...

I took a bit of time to say it, but I really like the use of the woodwinds here.
The way that the horns follow in behind is masterful.

I've always liked Grieg, though I am not familiar with this piece.
Thank you for sharing.


Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Mercutio
Pleased to hear you liked this piece which I thought was exquisite for the reasons you mentioned.
best wishes