Thursday, July 31

Trying to explain the inexplicable

Cart has expressed surprise in his recent post as to the closeness in the current campaign in the USA thinking its puzzling why Obama wouldn’t be a runaway leader given the state of the USA economy. I agree with his sentiments. Here is my take on maybe why it is so evenly matched; in the form of snippets from a purely imaginary campaign speech I have written for McCain as if I was to try and imagine I was campaigning for him. It’s not my personal sentiment in any way and you also may not also agree with its substance or tone, but let’s know what you think or your reason why you think it’s a close match. The speech was compiled having regard for the various quotes and responses recently made by McCain and a certain other inferences I have made.

An imaginary campaign speech

If elected I intend to work closely and cooperatively with the best possible talent available. I will consult with such people as Al Gore on climate change initiatives and work closely with Nancy Pelosi, a woman whom I have come to greatly admire. If elected I look forward to working alongside her.
You won’t ever hear me glorifying war. I am only too familiar with its untold suffering and terrible consequences. Survivors all mourn their fallen comrades. If I was to become the Commander in chief my past experience presents a sober reminder to be thoughtful yet resilient in determining the defense strategy in consultation with our able commanders of the armed forces. Our guard have performed at a level not seen since world War 2 but I can tell you there only one thing worse than suffering from being overstretched and highly stressed in the military and that's if you’re a defeated military.
I can also promise to never putt up income taxes. Already however, I have angered some of my supporters by announcing a policy which will top up revenue from payroll taxes. Those industries that need help can always come and knock on my door but if I’m going to continue to support industry it’s only fair they contribute their fair share. That may upset some but I want to confirm to you I am not captive to any particular ideology.
I don’t rely on wordy grandiose speeches either but rather I can assure you there is no ambiguity about my policies. Let me be clear that I will not be putting up income axes, I will fix the oil price within a decade, and you can relax in the knowledge that we will respond to all of the climatic challenges. The budget deficit will be balanced in the next decade having regard to my economic growth orientated policies.

I admire people for what they do and not for what party they represent. Al Gores will be someone I will have a close working relationship with should you give me the privilege of the presidencey .My policies will mean the USA will be totally self sufficient in energy requirements within this decade! Al tells me this entirely feasible. My policies are down to earth and easily understandable; accelerated investment in many alternative energy sources and increased exploration for the tradition energy sources. I once put my life on the line for my country and I’m willing to be of service again; with the benefit of a lifetime of experience at your command.


Cart said...

Lindsay, great cynical speech, but McCain could never deliver it. For starters you have him expressing policy positions, clear policy positions! Second you don’t have him telling voters that Barrack Obama is young, eloquent, black, admired overseas, realistic and the many other pointers to the candidates evil intent.
Fortunately even McCain’s closest aides will tell you he is incapable of following the script, so I expect somehow the ‘logic’ would be dropped during the speech and the awful revelations about his opponents would find their way in.

Seraphine said...

thats the thing. politicians never make specific remarks about anything. and when they do, nobody trusts what they say.
candidates they tell us what we want to hear, for the most part. in detroit, a candidate will say 'i am against nafta' and in california they will say 'i am for nafta' and they will talk about free trade, something they would change that makes both pro-and-con statements somewhat correct.
so as best we can, americans look at the heart of the candidate: does he loook presidential, does he care about america? most of all, is he a president who doesn't have sex with interns.

DellaB said...

hmmm.. very interesting, thanks Lindsay.

Now, can you do one for us from Mr Obama?


lindsaylobe said...

Hi Cart, Sera & Dellab

Thanks for your comments.
I also think fear is playing out its hand in the polls.

As to a speech for Obama, I think his existing ones are okay to date except I would like him to go further and reveal more as to what’s behind the man so to speak.

Best wishes

susan said...

Someone here quipped that both candidates could use some Chapstick so they'd be more comfortable when talking out of both sides of their mouths.

It's worrisome to me that the world's only superpower is inhabited by a largely uninterested, easily swayed populace.

As Sera noted with her comment from PJ O'Rourke, 'The worst sin of politics is that it's so dull.'

Cart said...

'The worst sin of politics is that it's so dull.' That's as maybe, but engagement is also a responsibility in our democracies.
I am increasingly in favour of 'evidence based' policy, even more boring than the current paradigm, but perhaps more efficacious.
The point being, like household budgeting we should be looking at our politics in a far more objective way, boring or otherwise.

susan said...

cart - I meant the phrase to elucidate the general feeling I get in this country that sports, celebrities and very simplistic political rhetoric is all that engages the mass of the voting public. I agree with you that voting is a responsibility of citizenship but alas, here there's usually more interest in American Idol.

Cart said...

Sorry Susan, an over reaction on my part. A little too intense perhaps :)

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Seraphine said...

i love the chapstick comment about politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths.
i hope we americans have a good dialogue with ourselves, even if we have to use that chapstick in places we've never dreamed about.

Gary said...

Wow! Please don't send it to him because he just might use it! And it would help him.

I think Obama will win with a significant margin, but that many many voters will stay at home in November.

You can remind me I said that if I'm wrong.

Seraphine said...

i do brilliant imaginary speeches in my head too. sometimes they spill over into words, and i sound like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gary! Don't send it to him!

My mother always votes democrat and would have voted for Hillary Clinton but will not vote for Obama. I think there are a lot of women in agreement with her. But there are a lot of younger voters who typically vote Republican that will be voting for Obama. I think stereotypes and fear play a very strong role in how close the election currently seems to be. Obama represents change in more ways than one and no matter how unhappy people are with the current situation, a lot of people are still very afraid of change.