Sunday, July 27

Checkered Shirts and Urban Skirts

My youngest daughter Rachael is performing at a gig which she has entitled “Checkered Shirts and Urban Skirts -a night celebrating the crossroads of country, blues, roots and folk music.” which is her concept and also a very good excuse to wear her fancy shmancy checkered shirts from Texas.

If you want to hear any of her music click here and then click on to any of her songs or to hear another of the bands 'The Stillsons' at


Seraphine said...

i left rachael a comment on her website. she's going to wonder who i am. but it sounds like a lot of fun, performing.

susan said...

I'm glad to know Rachael is continuing to perform her music. Creativity feeds the soul.

Seraphine said...

awww. i always get that backwards and assume the soul feeds creativity.
i wish creativity would feed me better.

Scaramouche Jones said...

Since you're in Aussie don't you have a Singlet & Daks Day? :)

Michael Manning said...

I'll check it out immediately. Thanks for your post this morning at my place. It really means a lot!!!!:)

Ingrid said...

pardon the much too long absence Lindsay.. but considering we live in the heart of TX..does Rachel have a wish list of sorts I can accomodate?? I'm sure I could find something that has her name on it! (someone who knows about nasreh fateh ali khan stands high in my book..not that I like all his music, I just liked the one but for the life of me do not remember the name [g]..however, she's an eclectic person which is obviously reflected in her music..way to go Rachel!!


lindsaylobe said...

Thanks for all your comments, next one will be Singlet & Daks Day for sure!
Thanks Ingrid! I will ask her!~ however the gig was last friday- very good !
Best wishes

Ingrid said...

well pardon me Lindsay! [g] consider the heat effecting my reading 'powers' recent, both kids are at home with the resulting times of bickering bickering bickering and I sneak off to the computer to get a moment's sanity in reading something that doesn't say 'you did', 'no you did first'! 'I'm telling on you'..
hence I haven't been much in the mood to following the campaign here in the US either..