Sunday, July 1


The Roving Ellipsis has recognized my blog as a “Thinking Blog”,thankyou for this recognition, although I am not generally in favour of blogger awards.

However I think it provides an opportinity to introduce other bloggers, who may not comment regualarly or even be linked and their respective interests. Those tagged can elect to post about 5 other thinking blogs. Link to this post for the meme origin and award display.

I think all of the blogs I have linked to my own blog make me think and are meritorious so if anyone else linked who is interested please let me know and I will make up another 5.

Ideas and universe. Abhay is always thinking about life and the wondrous world around us.
Mindance likes to think about new ideas and usually is exploring several books simultaneously.
Syllogism has green fingers and an active mind with a good sense of humour.
Sunburst is interested in many different aspects of the arts and life but sometimes despairs as to the art of politics.
Val is a retired librarian with a keen interest in train travel, bookbinding and the environment and a host of other things.

We exercise our bodies as way of keeping fit and likewise our minds benefit from stimulation arising from many different forms of conceptualisation. Ultimately I think knowledge and reality are the same thing but what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lindsay!

Granny said...

Congratulations. I know Sunburst and Val but I'm not sure about the others. I'll check.

abhay k said...

Hi Lindsay,
Thank you so much!
I'll join this meme and name five thinking bloggers in my next post.

Darwin said...

Bohemian Troubadour is another who sets my mind a flutter.

Cheers to great thinkers!

Lee said...

Congratulations, deserve to be acknowledged. :)

Josie said...

Lindsay, congratulations. I'm going to check out the other blogs you have recommended as well.


grannyfiddler said...

congrats, LL. methinks tis well deserved, the 'thinker' award.