Friday, July 27


Well ~ The big moment has arrived~ !!

I was quite overwhelmed by the thoughtful comments on the card from my colleagues and also enjoyed a great dinner, to reminisce with laughter and good fellowship. I received some nice wine (already consumed) and a very generous gift voucher at my formal presentation which I have used to buy new luggage for our trip overseas. See below

The first few days have been busy planning our trip from early September to tour the south west of England and then by ferry to Ireland, stopping off for a tour in Beijing on the return leg which was an afterthought. Our route will include a few days stopover in HK on the way over and just short breaks for connect flights from Helsinki on both legs to break up the journey flying Qantas/Finnair.

We had dinner with friends recently who had travelled to Ireland and hence gained a few points of interest.Unfortunately on the return our planned stopover at Beijing has the tour dates coinciding with China's National holidays(1st~8th October)and it's peak time for all domestic travellers so it will be crowded as 1.3 billion people all go on national holidays !

In my retirement I intend to be involved to a greater extent than previously with grandchildren, reading, extra golf, travel, visiting museums,short day trips and other projects yet to be formalised.

My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting up with two bloggers recently, Val and Gina, when we enjoyed looking around Monsalvat. Val has posted some deft photos and a great summary click here to view.


Lee said...

Congratulations on your retirement, Lindsay. A whole new chapter has begun in your life. You make sure you enjoy every moment of it. I'm certain you will. :)

Val said...

That's a great idea, showing photos of your desk before and after retirement. I know you are enjoying your new leisure time, Lindsay. Have you started using your book yet?

Progressive Traditionalist said...

Hello, Lindsay.
And congratulations.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi lee, Val & PT
Thanks for your kind thoughts.
Indeed it is a new chapter Lee and I have already recorded several events in the book Val kindly gave me at our last meting The latest entry Val was a dance show we attended: entitled ~ We like shorts ~a season of short dance works of no more than 10 minutes each featuring established and emerging artists. Some were very good, whilst to me others represented the longest 10 minutes in dance history, repetition making it seem the case!!
Best wishes

bohemiantroubadour said...

Above all things, reverence yourself. -Pythagoras

Gary said...

I wish you the very best in your retirement Lindsay. I am sure you will fill many corners of the world with your compassion, insights and warmth.

Stop in Western Canada on one of your jaunts!

Nvisiblewmn said...

Congratulations, Lindsay.

The trip sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoy it.

Madcap said...

Yay! Sounds like you have plans to keep busy!

Ingrid said...

Dear Lindsay,

congratulations on your retirement. Are you going to become one of 'those' wandering Aussies one meets from time to time?? You know, there is a guest bedroom (with private bathroom) here in Austin TX for you and your dear wife any time you might feel the wind blow our way! Until then, safe and happy travels to England and Ireland, I've heard great things about both destinations. We're going on a two week stint next week; San Francisco and then visiting friends in Idaho. Then kids back to school and my return to the blogosphere, yahoo!!
hugs to the both of you,

lindsaylobe said...

Hi BT, Gary, N'viswm, Madcap & Ingrid
Thanks For your comments~ one day if I am fortunate enough maybe I will catch up with you. I trust you have wonderful trip Ingrid.
Best wishes

laura said...

I've been out of town and missed the news! Congratulations!!

grannyfiddler said...

happy retirement, dear wordsmith. retirement clearly doesn't mean inactivity to you. enjoy.