Friday, April 6

Tenebrae at Eltham

We gathered to meditate on the most sacred day of the year. The focus of our ceremony was the seven sayings of Christ uttered when he was dying on the cross. Through a series of psalms, reflections and sacred music, we were led to the foot of the Cross.

In our darkened church the lighted candles represented our world about to be plunged into darkness. The lights were gradually extinguished throughout the ceremony until only one flame remained, symbolising Christ. When the last light disappeared a loud noise (strepitus) was made to remind us of the earthquake on that fateful day on Calvary.

The Christ you see in the background is suspened upward from a cross beneath. Both are constructed entirely of wire, beautifuly crafted by a local Sculpter.

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abhay k said...

Dear Lindsay,
That's really great!

Val said...

What an interesting service. Thank you for sharing with us, Lindsay.

Lee said...

Wonderful service by the sounds of it, Lindsay. Have a safe and wonderful Easter. :)

bohemiantroubadour said...

Is Easter in Australia celebrated on Monday. If so, is Good Friday on the Jewish Sabbath of Saturday?
Just curious.

Happy Easter!

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Abhay K, Val, Lee & BT
thanks for your visit and may I wish you an Easter blessing !!

Good Friday is always celebrated on the Friday. 'Passover', Pesach is celebrated as a Jewish festival generally around Easter, this year it began on April 2 and concludes on April 10.
best wishes

Ingrid said...

Last night I saw a documentary on the shroud of Turin. The yea and nay sayers so to speak. It was most fascinating. One forensic pathologist from NY actually spoke in medical terms of how that person (be it Christ or not) on the cross suffered and died. That really hit home with me. It is usually just one of those things that believers say 'he suffered and died for me'.. but really, when you hear the description from this pathologist, you REALLY understand how someone would have suffered dying at the cross..
fascinating and sad. I love history but history carries such a brutality with it.. anyhow, happy belated easter Lindsay,

Josie said...

Lindsay, that looks like a beautiful ceremony. Which church is it?

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lindsaylobe said...

Hi Josie & Ingrid
The celebration was at our Local Catholic Church.
Crucifixation was particularly brutal form of execution.
I like the idea of celebrating a risen Christ triumphant in service to humanity to encompass the ethic of love, not at all vengeful or in anger but rather to offer hope (like the gesture to the brigand beside him) as a sign to all mankind.
Best wishes