Sunday, April 22

Fancy a trip to La La Land?

My daughter’s latest catchy tune and thoughtful lyrics I think are apparent in her latest composition.
If you would like to listen to her singing this song, La LA Land or others kindly click on the link here and then her link to listen.


Ingrid said...

Lindsay, I could not find an email address so I will extent an open invitation for writing a post on my blog. I actually would like your (wise and thoughtful) commentary on this article that I would like to send you. I finally decided to start inviting people to write posts for my blog as I had originally intended to (blogger round table..). Anyhow, I read about this and felt I wanted to write about it but really 'discuss' it and I think you are the most qualified person for this particular topic hence, my invite to you.
email me and I will forward you the article so you can say yay or nay..

Lee said...

Your daughter certainly is a talent, Lindsay. She has a lovely, pure must be very proud of her. :)

lindsaylobe said...

Ingrid -my e-mail is

Thanks for your comments Lee

best wishes