Monday, March 12


Montsalvat, located close to where I live in Eltham is an interesting mixture of buildings set on 12 acres. Artist and architect Justin Jorgensen purchased the land in 1934 and with a dedicated group of volunteers established an artist’s colony of painters, sculptors, poets, and musicians. Building materials used were rescued from many of the old beautiful building sites being demolished in Melbourne to make way for modernisation. Extensive use was also made of mud bricks, rammed earth, mud stone and bush timbers combined with slate flooring and stained glass windows. The community’s quest was to be self sufficient as they operated a dairy and small farm.

Many of the descendants of the original community today inhabit the adjoining cottages as sculptor’s painters and musicians. The appearance is of a European Castle with its adjoining chapel surrounded by the artist’s residences, which were once stables and storehouses.
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Val said...

One of these days I MUST visit Monsalvat. It is quite unique looking, especially in the middle of Eltham!

Josie said...

Omigosh! That looks beautiful. I want to live there. And wouldn't it be inspiring to painters, sculptors, poets and musicians.

(Don't you just hate "modernisation"? It has ruined Vancouver.)


Zee said...

Lindsay, that sounds like a dream of mine come true! We'll see - maybe one day ...
Hope you are doing well, greetings Zee.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Val, Josie & Zee
Thanks for your comments - a true artist’s colony indeed, what imagination fulfilled during the depression times of hardship in Australia.
Modern buildings no longer have that certain grandeur of old -Josie !!
Definitely worth a visit Val.
I hope you realise your dream one day Zee-.
Best wishes

grannyfiddler said...

reminds me a bit of William Morris's place in England... disremember the name just now... and his circle of creative friends who came for extended stays... in my dreams, i live in such a place.

Ingrid said...

Wow Lindsay, how pretty. and yes, how neat to have a artist's haven amidst all that modernity and its boringness and homogeneity..

lindsaylobe said...

Hi GrannyF & Ingrid
Somewhat of a unique community, it continues to day somewhat diminished - Thanks for your thoughts.