Saturday, March 17

A Bird Bath

Rainbow Lorikeets have become plentiful in Eltham as a consequence of the prolific Eucalyptus tree planting carried out from the mid eighties. When we fist arrived in 1983 none were seen in contrast to today. Their screeches at dusk in the trees of the township are deafening.

Depite their brilliance, striking colours of emerald green, orange, blue, red, lemon yellow, purple and violet greenish grey they blend beautifully into the trees and consequently are difficult to spot.

They obtain moisture from water trapped in the leaves, but can also drink water and like having a bath in the bird bath in our back yard. With the drought it has become quite popular, so much so that jostling and fights brake out among this gregarious group as to whose turn it is to go first. Eventually the throng settles down to wait patiently in turn for their chance for a refeshing bath and sunbake.
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bohemiantroubadour said...

You are the St. Francis of Australia.

Lee said...

I love the lorikeets...they are such happy, fun and beautiful birds.

Madcap said...

I'm always astonished by the colours of your birds. Here we specialize in brown and black.

Well, and bluejays. But nothing like lorikeets!

Val said...

I've seen those lorikeets in our street in North Balwyn too. They love the red flowering eucalyptus across the street.

Aren't we lucky, when we can be so blase about galahs and cockatoos in our backyards. In other places those birds flying around would create a sensation!

Darwin said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! I'd love to see some of that color in my trees.

I read some of your thoughts on Mindful Distraction. I like the idea of essentialism but am not book smart on the concept. Do you have any reading suggestions for a very curious mind.


lindsaylobe said...

Hi BT, Lee, Madcap, Val & Darwin
Thankyou for your thoughts,
You are humouring me BT with such grandiose nice thoughts.

Lee -gregarious, full of vitality and fun.

Madcap. My pictures do not do justice to their beautiful colours

Val -we do take it all for granted

Darwin-as requested Refs for you on Essentialism.

Let's know your thoughts should you decide to do any research or reading.

B D Ellis -available at
2001-Concepts of Scientific Essentialism and the New Essentialism and the Scientific Image of Mankind.

Released in June 2005-

Philosophy of Nature
A Guide to the New Essentialism.

Written by Brian Ellis who is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at La Trobe University. The book can be purchased on –line,or enquire through the Publisher: ACUMEN the Format / Paperback.

Best wishes

Darwin said...


Thank you. I appreciate your kindness. I would be more than happy to share my thoughts in the future. I must say; however,I am not one who can read a book in a day and am no expert on anything. I enjoy learning and like to be challenged with new ideas.
Thanks again, Helen.

Granny said...

Hi. For some reason, my computer is allowing me to view only about half of the photos (not just your blog).

I don't know what's going on. I have seen pictures of lorikeets though and they're beautiful.

grannyfiddler said...

beautiful birds. a garden just isn't complete without birds. someone told me that the wild geese are migrating back, at his town about 1 1/2 hours south of here, so it must be spring... but there's still 4 feet of snow on everything, and the only water that isn't frozen solid is the sewage ponds. my informant tells me they go to the local feedlots and argue with the cows over grain. i hope someone thinks to feed them, or they'll never make it till the ponds melt and things start to grow.

laura said...

Those are beautiful birds. How wonderful to have so many lovely colors in the garden - on the ground and above it.

Ingrid said...

madcap, don't forget the red cardinals! But yes, those colours are gorgeous even if they might be screechy little buggers! lol
it is one of those pleasures of living in the Southern Hemisphere..

Gary said...

What delightful and colourful photos. We're still in the mostly brown and grey stage of spring here and I'd probably faint if one of these flew by. Although we did have 4 mountain bluebirds last week.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Granny, Grannyf, Laura Ingrid & Gary
May the geese return and all of your new seasons be joyful! Thanks for all of your comments.

Best wishes