Saturday, February 17

Symphony of Creation

My youngest daughter Rachael had asked me to write lyrics for an intended musical composition, based on an article I had written entitled "Immortal Quantum Faith".

As a result I composed Symphony of Creation which is a poem that celebrates science and faith moving forward together.

No longer need they be considered as having irreconcilable conflicting differences.

It commemorates my faith in the spirit of creation itself, inspired by the majestic nature of our infinite universe and the sense of wonderment in engenders

Symphony of Creation

Form, of mystery, light spread out from sing-ul-ar-ity
A form, continues, with each breath, symbol of my life as yet
So, let me know no more, that I may know the splendour
Of the light filled, ONE agenda

Form, is it but our own reflection, illusions of our expectation
Hidden in the time of present, lonely in its own pure presence
Continued on, deep within us, calling forth, our own surrender
Of the light filled, ONE agenda.

Form of worm hole travel backwards, space time changes state
The conscious mind now existing, listens always, emotions birth
Thoughts will now last forever, guided by a spirits a light
To the light filled ONE agenda.

Form of ONE, itself to know
Form of two, a desire of ONE
Form of memory, the ONE it knows
The ONE true Light of Love


Anonymous said...

Whoa! That's even better than I remember it.

Lee said...

A true symphony of life...thanks for sharing this with us, Lindsay. :)

lindsaylobe said...

Laura-Précised. Thanks for your previous comments as well!!

bohemiantroubadour said...

C'est très intéressant.

Josie said...

Lindsay, that is wonderful. I have saved it in my computer so I can read it again.


Snow Angel said...

Wonderful!!!!!!Some people are so talented.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi BT –glad to be of interest! - I substituted ONE rather than god, since God gets such a bad press don’t you think?!

Hi Josie & Snow Angel \thanks you for your kind words of encouragement
Best wishes

Anonymous said...


lindsaylobe said...

Hi Veronica
Thanks for your comment.