Sunday, February 11


The next project being undertaken by the Malawi Support Group are building works at Ntandire for a church and hall in Shantytown. The above photo and those on the linked Malawi Support Group website were taken on the 10th December. They show the celebratory mass dedicating the area and of a people overjoyed at the prospect they will have somewhere to meet. I am pleased to report we have sent off US $9,340 and already 200* 50 kg bags of cement, 20 tons of stone and 21 tons of sand costing US $2,340 have been purchased from these funds. The work has begun in earnest as foundations have already been established with the different sections laid voluntarily by the respective christian communities of Ntandire. I hope to bring more photos as work progesses.
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Lee said...

Great work, are to be commended. I'll be interested to follow the progress. :)

bohemiantroubadour said...

Things look promising.