Wednesday, June 14

To Russia with love

The era of new freedom, market force your new way
Don’t rule out compassion as economics give sway

Speak of the devil, beware shadowy cloaks
Time for renewal, cast off bitter yokes

Arise now new leaders with hearts now restored
Bring justice mighty homeland for one and for all


abhay k said...

its great you posted it!

here is a poem from me about yours.."The message is "love and peace"
the message is deep
i hope we understand
the underlying meaning
the country is awakening
awakening once again
in a new era
with a new zeal
and succeed it will
the world is looking
with eyes wide open
at this great nation
wishing her well
in all her pursuits"

Best wishes!

bohemiantroubadour said...

Long live the Oligarchy!!!

Rachael Byrnes said...

Love this one!

JuBlue said...

I'm impressed by the breadth of your subject matter, Lindsay. I don't think I've ever known of another poet with such diverse interests. Fascinating.

Gary said...

Very good advice (and good poetry too).

Yes, so much opportunity right now in the former USSR.

Wendy A said...

Wow, Again a very thought provoking image.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Abhay
with new zeal will succeed and wishing you well -thankyou-always a delight to read !
BT -not too much power I trust but a power to do good.
thks for your thoughts -gary -yes -opportunities.

Best wishes

grannyfiddler said...

Canada is a bit like a young Russia who was raised in democracy. the same stoic pioneer spirit that will attempt things that daunt lesser mortals... no fear of manual labor, and so much land that we think we can waste it.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Grannyfiddler
Yes/both countries with oil !! Good points

Best wishes