Monday, June 12

Migration and Amendment Bill 2006

In Australia next week our Government debates a new Bill which will divert future refugees to Nauru, a tiny island in the Pacific. Other Provisions of the Bill reintroduce child detention indefinitely.

I have visited Nauru, known for its past mining of phosphate, and it now resembles a lunar landscape, except for the tiny green perimeter around the island. Otherwise the island consists of massive grey cones, a legacy of the phosphate mining when no attempt was made towards restoration.

This detention centre, for processing of Refugees away from the public, frees the government from the responsibility to accept refugees. By processing refugees off shore the government is also freed from the responsibility do case managed mental care. I have signed a partition against the Bill and refer you to the various submissions to the Senate Enquiry to view comments of many concerned citizens.

If only One Liberal member will vote with Labour against the Bill it will be defeated.Click here for the various submissions.


bohemiantroubadour said...

It seems ironic that America stills seems to be the most tolerant nation toward minorities. In Europe, many countries such as Norway throw bananas at black soccer (football) players. One American player in Norway was consistently spit on and called nigger. This would never happen in the U.S.

Gary said...

Good luck with this Australia. I see Howard's people influencing our new government more and more.

The rights of refugees is just one isse that the neo-conservatives love to play. Based on fear as so many other policies.

abhay k said...

Great initiative Lindsay!
I just learned about this issue from you...
Your poem is deeply meaningful and well-written...I love reading them...thank you so much for writing that as a's so touching...please post that here so others can read as well and enjoy your beautiful poetry ..

Granny said...

We may seem tolerant on the surface but we still have a way to go.

Good luck with your bill, Lindsay.

Wendy A said...

Yike! I certainly wouldn't call America a tolerant nation(in reply to the first comment here)That stuff happens all the time in America. I've lived in four countries now and all have opinions of other cultures, races, groups. What a sad side of humanity.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Everyone
Good news -It appears the Bill will be defeated in its present state. I have posted an update and the reasons for it in the first instance in the next posting.

best wishes