Saturday, April 15

Tenebrae At Eltham - Good Friday 2006

We gathered to meditate on the most sacred day of the year. The focus of our ceremony was the seven sayings of Christ uttered when he was dying on the cross. Through a series of psalms, reflections and sacred music, we were led to the foot of the Cross. In our darkened narthex the lighted candles represented our world about to be plunged into darkness. The lights were gradually extinguished throughout the ceremony until only one flame remained, symbolising Christ. When the last light disappeared a loud noise (strepitus) was made to remind us of the earthquake on that fateful day on Calvary.


Granny said...

That is lovely. I played hookey yesterday from our observances. Just really tired and we were having a thunderstorm.

Granny said...

Those categories are neat.

JuBlue said...

I was touched by the symbolism in your ceremony. It reminded me of the thing I once liked about being Catholic, which was how cathartic the ritual of the mass was. I found it soothing and comforting.

Off topic: thanks for that poem, which was lovely and thought-provoking. I did ask if I could update the post and add it in, but I wasn't sure if you'd be back to answer.

madcapmum said...

How was the loud noise made?

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Granny, Jublu and Madcap, floods are frightening but I always remembered kindness and a great community spirit. Jublu, I have linked your blog and pleased if would like to publish my poem.

Madcap, the sound was made from a Turkish copper tray, used to serve meals and as a makeshift table to eat on the floor. It was aquired by our organist/ pianist on a visit to Turkey with her young family touring the world for a holiday and a special type of education. You bang the tray which emits a loud unexpected sound, and by tapping with your fingures quickly it's made to sound like a rumbling from a far.

DA said...

Sounds there was great percussion too. Hope you enjoyed..

Nerdine said...

sounds like you had a nice Easter? I too wanted to thank you for the poem you posted last week. I did read it. I read it many times actually, even if I didn't comment on it. I really appreciate all your poems, Lindsay.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Nerdine & DA Thanks for visting
Good to see you found time for the visit near your Mums home and that "spot" to sit in the sun and just "be" near the sea.

Best wishes

Gary said...

Sounds rather mystical and interesting.

You're one of the enigmas that keep me healthy Lindsay. Someone who is thoughtful, compassionate, seeks truth AND seems to find a lot in an organized religion...

I mean that sincerely.

Gary said...
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Gary said...

Just a quick note - my deleted comment was my sending the previous one twice (now I have sent 2!)

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Gary

Thanks for visiting/ and on the question of health I am struggling to type this with one hand as a consequence of returning from lunch yesterday (after only 1 glass of wine)and tripping on a pot hole unceremoniously spreadeagling me on the hard pavement.

I rested my arm in ice and felt ok but decided to visit my buddy Dr Friend this morning that squeezed me in just to check for fractures? Felt silly as I had no pain.

Best check for factures with an X ray young man he chirped!! The elbows sensitive and although it’s unlikely told me it pays to be a pessimist with such things.

Goodness said the attendant at the Scan Centre your as good gold, sturdy, you couldn’t possibly have a fracture.I can tell from years of expereience !!

You would not have that movement and you would be in agony!! These Doctors waste money with X rays. Just frightened of being sued !!

She took the X rate reluctantly and I waited for what seemed an unusually long time until she returned red faced mumbling.

Yes you have a fracture!!

So I returned to the Surgery where my Dr Friend immediately pushed me in ahead of everyone else and had his textbook out on plastering. On the way out he mentioned how I had held up all of his patient patients.
So I turned to to those in the room and apologised !! Ha Ha- They just smiled !!

So here I am typing away? to look forward to 3 weeks in plaster –

I was going to make a post of it.
I apprecated your visit just now !!

Best wishes

Wendy A said...

Wow, sounds like a very intense ceremony. Very meaningful. Perfect for good friday.

laura said...

Sounds like a beautiful ceremony. Almost like being there. I like your categories. They are very organized and look cool, too!

Gary said...

Rest your elbow and don't drink and walk anymore until you're healed :)

I'll send you some reading material with lots of pictures, so you won't be flipping too many pages.

We'll be here when you get back... or type with one hand and keep em short mate.

DA said...

Sage Gary said but just skip the walking and enjoy some more martini's. Gary you selfish man :-)

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Wendy & Arulba
Yes it was just the right kind of ceremony ....and beatifiul.
gary- thanks mate...but ok. by train & back to work on monday.
DA -Peeps - US pop culture- sample of aussieland -daughters old school clay figures from back garden !!
best wishes

bohemiantroubadour said...

I am glad to see Christianity has survived 2,000 years and is still going strong. Many want to see it fail because it was the way of their ancestors. Eastern religion offers novelty.

I find it ironic many immigrants from the Orient have adopted Christianity.

DA said...

sometimes even I don't understand my previous comments..

Granny said...

Holy mackerel, where did they all come from?

Everybody is here.