Sunday, February 26

60th Birhday Bash

Recently I celebrated my 60th Birthday on board The "Victoria Star", a refurbished Sydney ferry boat -see

The pictures are of myself and wife and above our daughter Rachael who provided the entertainment. Originally we had scheduled the cruise for 1pm in the afternoon but because of the forecast 44C (110 F) we rescheduled to 6.30pm in the evening, necessitating a large number of hasty telephone calls.

It was a sensational night of good food and fun cruising the waters of the City docklands and Yarra River mouth. A cool change early in the evening was a welcome addition as my daughter’s songs entertained us against the backdrop of the harbour lights. My eldest 2 daughters also had their young babies with them, so the cooler change was more comfortable for them.

It was a very pleasant surprise to discover my 3 daughters had prepared a CD, with a great deal of help from their husbands, rather than a speech. We were all treated with funny photos, stories from each of them and from my wife.

Despite gusts of 40-60 knots the Ferry Captain guided us expertly amongst the Docklands area, so that we scarcely noticed the outside weather.
On the invitations I sent I included a note NO PRESENTS ...but you’re welcome to make a donation to the Malawi Support Group. I was surprised by folk’s generosity as nearly $2,000 was donated.


Granny said...

Nice pics. I was hoping you'd have some. Rachel is lovely.

I have artwork by Rochelle on granny.

rachel burns said...
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Rachael Byrnes said...

This is such a bad photo of me!! Dad can you take it down or else can we replace it with a pretend photo of me playing at your 60th! Preferably one where I look like me rather than someone with a big fat double chin!!

Rachael Byrnes said...

one more thing... I point everyone reading this to an old post from August 2005 this photo is a much better representation see

Gary said...

Rachel - you're always lovely in the photos I've seen ... you always radiate. But daughters and dads... that's always a story :)

Ammey Kesarkar said...

Belated Happy Birthday!
I enjoyed my stay at Melbourne last September... Lovely place

Wendy A said...

Happy 60th Lindsay! What a great idea for gifts. It is always to hear some personal stuff about the people that I know throught bloggin. I hope you and your wife enjoyed some fine champagne.

DA said...

Great pics Lindsay. I hope the boat rocked..

Rachael, you look lovely!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Rachael
The only one photo -looks okay to me !

Hi Ammey-thankyou ! please visit Melbourne again and give me call if you do !!

Hi wendy - A champaign night for all.

Hi Dimitri -rocked with swing music !

Best wishes